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Tomorrow I'll be a Millionaire

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Art.Nr.: 978-3939935-53-7
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Tomorrow I'll be a Millionaire

Edith Krispin

Maße: 21 x 14,8 cm
Seiten 88
ISBN 978-3-939935-53-7
Sprache Englisch

Early on in life Hans Ferber realized that becoming a millionaire would have its advantages. He found it a nuisance not to be able to buy the everyday necessities, so he planned big to remedy the situation. Naturally life with an individual whose head was always filled with fantastic ideas, living in constant anticipation of imminent wealth, had its allure. Eventually though it produced a somewhat tense atmosphere for the family who had doubts in their hearts, with the wife counting her last pennies stashed in the sewing basket, while the inventor with a smile on his lips, dreamed of better days to come.

Light and carefree is this story of hope, in which we soon notice that the father-figure depicted here is more than just a loveable eccentric. His inner strength, shining through, bears up under every obstacle, as well as touching the lives of others. Hope has its own tangible life alongside reality. It carries people through the terribly hard times; it can always find the proverbial silver lining even in the darkest of moments. And what does the author say in closing? "Nothing is greater than the power of hope"


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